Turning a bad day round

Hi everyone,

So this weeks post is of a few things that I do to try and turn a bad day round.

Over the last few months I have felt that overall my anxiety and depression has got much better, though there are some days where I still find it extremely hard.

For me, I can often tell how my day is going to be from the minute I wake up- this may sound a bit melodramatic, but signs of anxiety for me are pretty obvious- if I wake up with a tight chest, my mind already racing to answer questions, or a particularly tight jaw I know that some of these ‘interventions’ may help me through the day.  If a bout of anxiety hits me later in the day- some of these can also help calm me before I go to bed leading to me being more chilled in the morning.

1.Wearing matching underwear

This may sound ridiculous, but I feel so much more in control and ready to take on the day when I know I am wearing matching underwear. Maybe because getting matching underwear in itself is such an acheivement!

Elegant Cartoon Underwear cartoon underwear clip art car pictures car canyon

2. Taking time to get ready

For me, taking the time to do my skin care routine, put on my makeup, and do my hair makes me feel- me… It makes me feel ready to face the day, and makes me feel a lot more put together.

3. Getting fresh air

I walk to work everyday, and this half hour walk does wonders for me.  This half hour of walking is time when I genuinely can not be ‘doing’ anything, and my mind can temporarily be at peace. This point also fits in with number 4.

Trip to the beach a while ago

At the weekend I try to walk into the city centre, or go for a walk somewhere outside of the city. Fresh air and nature work wonders for the soul, even just taking a cup of tea to sit with outside can give me a boost.

4. Listening to Audiobooks

Whilst I walk backwards and forwards to work I often listen to audiobooks. My walsk to work is not the quietest walk, and so I like a distraction from traffic with audiobooks. This also helps my mind, I can concentrate on the words going straight into my ears, and the story, and in that short walk to work space out from the real world.

My favourite genre is sci-fi fantasy- particularly ones which use a lot of humour. I signed up to audible a year ago, and it has been worth every penny- I can get one audiobook a month for the price of £5.99 and re-listen as much as I want. My favourites are: We are legion (we are Bob) by Dennis E Taylor, The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, and The Bartimaeous trilogy- and Lockwood and co. by Jonathon Stroud.

At the moment I am listening to  The Good, the Bad and the Smug by Tom Holt- and it is fantastic! I may look like a mad person walking along laughing to myself, but it makes me feel good so I don’t care!

(If you have any audiobook recommendations let me know!)

5. Having a cup of tea.

Because a cup of tea always helps.

6. Doing a crossword.

I have got super into crosswords- particularly cryptic crosswords. I find them a very relaxing past-time which not only distracts my brain for a while, but also helps me think differently as well. I am not good at them- but I enjoy them!

A rather successful attempt at a crossword by me!

7. Playing Videogames

This is something I do when I get in from work. For me killing some baddies, or playing a strategy based game is a really great way of clearing my mind. My favourites are Skyrim, Fallout, and assassins creed on xbox. I also love Age of Empires which is a strategy based game- I find playing this completely focuses my mind on the game rather than any worries, and really helps to just give my brain a pause.

8. Watching comedy on youtube

Whose line is it anyway is my go to on youtube- it never fails to make me laugh, and see that the world isn’t actually so bad.  Its amazing how much better you can feel after having a laugh.

Hope you have enjoyed finding out what I do to help a bad day a bit better! What do you do to help yourself out when you are having a bad day? Any recommendations?


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