Chit-chat catch up!

Hi Everyone, 

It has been some time since I last wrote a post on here, and I wanted to catch you all up!

So, as many of you may know, in October last year I handed in my thesis!!! I was super fortunate to be set up with a 3 month job as a research assistant in the lab of Prof Alison Smith at the JIC looking at starch synthesis in potatoes. During that time I also successfully defended my thesis, and got a postdoc position!

In January I started my Post-doc position with Dr David Seung at the JIC, where I am investigating how starch is made in cereal crops. I must say, I am loving being fully back in the world of plants! I also did my thesis corrections, re-submitted my thesis and moved house…!!

As you can tell, it has been a busy few months, hence the lack of blogging- but my schedule has now cleared up a bit more, and I have settled into my new job and house, and I am starting to get some future blogs ready. Also, there is a ‘meet the scientist’ article in the making, and I am super excited to share that with you all very soon.

If you guys are also on Instagram and twitter please come and follow me there too- I am a lot more active on those 2 platforms as I can very quickly write a short post (blogs take a bit longer to do), I will have the links below 🙂

I am excited to get back into the swing of things, and will hopefully uploading some new blogs soon 🙂

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