Antioxidants, are they all they seem?

A few years ago anti-oxidants burst into the headlines being touted as the new essential anti-aging, and cancer wonder molecule. Now, you can’t seem to buy a moisturiser without a label on it proudly stating it “contains anti-oxidants” but what exactly are anti-oxidants, and are they really the wonder compound they are made out to be?

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Meet The Scientist- Alice Godden

Hello everyone. It has been quite some time since the last β€œMeet the scientist” feature- but sometimes it is worth the wait!

It would like to introduce you all to the lovely Alice Godden. Alice is a 2nd year PhD student based in the Wheeler lab at the University of East Anglia.Β  The Wheeler lab specialises in the investigation of tissue development, by using the model organism Xenopus, which is an African claw-toed frog.Β  As well as doing some super interesting work into tissue development. Alice is a great science communicator and has recently written an article in the science magazine Wonk, given a talk at the latest pint of science event, and presented her research in under 3 minutes as part of the 3-minute thesis competition.

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How to effectively communicate science

Hi everyone! I am (finally!) back with a new blog post. Now I have settled into my new role as Postdoc a bit more, I will hopefully be getting back into the blogging again.

In this post I wanted to talk a bit about what helps to make a successful science talk. This is going to be focused on talks specifically for non-scientists, which is a very different audience, and which some of you may not have had much experience of.

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Chit-chat catch up!

Hi Everyone, 

It has been some time since I last wrote a post on here, and I wanted to catch you all up!

So, as many of you may know, in October last year I handed in my thesis!!! I was super fortunate to be set up with a 3 month job as a research assistant in the lab of Prof Alison Smith at the JIC looking at starch synthesis in potatoes. During that time I also successfully defended my thesis, and got a postdoc position!

In January I started my Post-doc position with Dr David Seung at the JIC, where I am investigating how starch is made in cereal crops. I must say, I am loving being fully back in the world of plants! I also did my thesis corrections, re-submitted my thesis and moved house…!!

As you can tell, it has been a busy few months, hence the lack of blogging- but my schedule has now cleared up a bit more, and I have settled into my new job and house, and I am starting to get some future blogs ready. Also, there is a ‘meet the scientist’ article in the making, and I am super excited to share that with you all very soon.

If you guys are also on Instagram and twitter please come and follow me there too- I am a lot more active on those 2 platforms as I can very quickly write a short post (blogs take a bit longer to do), I will have the links below πŸ™‚

I am excited to get back into the swing of things, and will hopefully uploading some new blogs soon πŸ™‚

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Twitter: @Scientisterica

Balancing conservation and agriculture

Recently I was able to attend the annual science meeting at the John Innes Centre, and hear about some amazing science going on across the insitute. One talk topic particularly caught my interest- balancing food production with environmental conservation.

Dr Diane Saunders gave a really interesting talk about the delicate balance currently being investigated involving the Common Barberry Bush, the Barberry Carpet Moth, and the cereal disease wheat stem rust- which I am going to share with you in this post.

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Tips and tricks for the final thesis push

Hi everyone!

As some of you may know I have just handed in my thesis! From the very first year of the PhD you start hearing stories about the dreaded Thesis writeup, and while it is hard, it isn’t the worst thing ever.  Once you get your head in the game, it’s ok!

Sometimes its useful to get some hints and tips from people who have written up, so here are a few of mine.

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Meet the Scientist – Dr Jaclyn Bell

In my blog so far I have interviewed some amazing female scientists with biology and chemistry backgrounds. I follow loads of scientsist on Instagram, but a relatively small number of the women I follow are physicists or mathematicians. Within subjects like physics, maths, engineering, chemical engineering women are still in the minority. And this is reflected in classrooms across the country.

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