Norwich Science festival: SciComm conference

From the 21st to the 29th October Norwich holds the Norwich Science Festival. During these two weeks, activities, talks, and stands are run for all members of the public from kids to Grandparents.

It is an opportunity for scientists to take their work out of the lab and show to the public, to initiate debate with the public, and to show kids how cool science is!

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Conference Life

I love conferences- I have always enjoyed learning and listening about new science, so to be able to have a few days devoted to science and hearing about the science happening in other labs across the world is amazing.

Conferences are a really important part of PhD life- as they get you networking, and talking about your science to others. I have been lucky enough to attend a huge variety of conferences over the last 3 years- from the student run NoCASS at the John Innes Centre, to the Annual Science Meeting based in Norwich, to International conferences like Solgenomics.

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The Good the Bad and the Ugly: experiment addition

This week me and my summer student got some interesting data. Her first thoughts were ‘oh no, what have I done wrong’- when I asked her about this I found that in her undergrad most of the experiments they do are designed to give perfect data all the time. If your data comes out bad- you have done something wrong.  Science research however, does not work like this.

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