How to effectively communicate science

Hi everyone! I am (finally!) back with a new blog post. Now I have settled into my new role as Postdoc a bit more, I will hopefully be getting back into the blogging again.

In this post I wanted to talk a bit about what helps to make a successful science talk. This is going to be focused on talks specifically for non-scientists, which is a very different audience, and which some of you may not have had much experience of.

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Bad science in the headlines

I am sure you have all seen the ‘scary’ health and science headlines which pop up on our news feeds everyday- you know the ones- “processed meats increases your chance of getting cancer by 9%“, “people exposed to dirty air are 40% more likely to develop dementia“.

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Norwich Science festival: SciComm conference

From the 21st to the 29th October Norwich holds the Norwich Science Festival. During these two weeks, activities, talks, and stands are run for all members of the public from kids to Grandparents.

It is an opportunity for scientists to take their work out of the lab and show to the public, to initiate debate with the public, and to show kids how cool science is!

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